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Here's the Church Rhyme

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Finger rhyme of "Here's the church". Visual impact!
Children love "Here's the church" rhyme as it combines words with actions expressed by using their hands. This provides the opportunity to increase the manual dexterity and coordination of a child whilst encouraging them to use their imagination. A favourite finger rhyme starting with the hands clasped together (Here's the church) and ending with the hands joined together as if in Christian prayer!

Churches Dominated Life
The architecture of British and European churches and steeples dominated the skyline of all major towns and cities. The Nursery Rhyme London Bells, the original version of Oranges and Lemons, details many famous London Churches together with the people who lived in the area including Lord Mayors, Torturers, Executioners and Money Lenders! Click the link to discover the secret history, origins sinister undertones of the London Bells Nursery Rhyme


Bermondsey Church & School, London



1849 Picture of Bermondsey Church & School, London. 

Here's the church - finger rhyme

Here's the church, and here's the steeple
Open the door and see all the people.
Here's the parson going upstairs,
And here he is saying his prayers.

Here's the church - finger rhyme


Note: A Rhymes lyrics and the perceived origins of some Nursery Rhymes vary according to location


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