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A Farmer went Trotting

Nursery Rhyme, Lyrics, Origins and History


The Nursery Rhyme, A Farmer went Trotting, features a Raven who brings bad fortune to the farmer. In most parts of the world the raven is considered a prophet and a bad omen, a symbol of the supernatural. Ravens have a place in the myths and legends of many ancient people and are linked to the Greek Goddess Hecate and the Norse God Odin as symbols of the underworld. It is therefore not surprising that the place of the raven during the Middle Ages was transferred to the witch and referred to as an example of a Witches Familiar. The croaking of a raven is believe to represent the speech of the dead! In the nursery rhyme is the line A raven cried "Croak". The raven is also mentioned in Celtic myths and legends and has been associated with raven goddess of Battle and Strife - Morrigan and the son of the Sea God called Bran Fendigaid (His name means Raven). Which leads us to the history and legends associated with the Tower of London.

The Legend of the Ravens in the Tower of London
Geoffrey of Monmouth refers to an early British King called King Bran Hen of Bryneich (the Welsh word for Raven is Bran). This King was killed in battle and requested that his head was buried, as a talisman against invasion, on Gwynfryn (the 'White Mount') where the Tower of London now stands. To this day ravens are accepted and necessary occupants of the Tower of London. Legend has it that should the ravens ever leave the Tower of London the White Tower will crumble and a great disaster shall befall England. We highly recommend the following link for comprehensive details of the Tower of London.

pictur of the Tower of London


Picture of the Tower of London 

A Farmer went Trotting
Nursery Rhyme lyrics, origins and history

A farmer went trotting
Upon his grey mare,
Bumpety, bumpety, bump!
With his daughter behind him
So rosy and fair,
Lumpety, lumpety, lump!

A raven cried "Croak"
And they all tumbled DOWN,
(slip child down between knees)
Bumpety, bumpety, bump!
The mare broke her knees,
And the farmer his crown,
Lumpety, lumpety, lump!

The mischievous raven
Flew laughing away
Bumpety, bumpety, bump!
And he vowed he would serve them
The same the next day,
Lumpety, lumpety, lump!

A Farmer went Trotting
Nursery Rhyme lyrics, origins and history


Note: A Rhymes lyrics and the perceived origins of some Nursery Rhymes vary according to location


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